New Year’s Resolutions

January 4, 2009

As we entered 2009, my family and I went through the usual ritual of getting together to discuss our plans and hopes for the coming year. Among some of the ideas that typically come up in our discussion (future ways to be more healthy or where we hope to travel during the coming year), I found myself disclosing my desire to be part of the on-line baking community of “Tuesdays With Dorie” and starting the required blog that would allow me entry into this group. I have been baking along with the group for a month or so and felt compelled to join in a more official way. So this blog, and this very first entry, is my way of beginning to meet this resolution. What to include as I introduce myself to the world of bakers who blog? I find myself going back to one of the first recipes that I found on-line which lead me to this community and including pictures of my youngest daughter as we bake to meet the requirement set forth by her French teacher, M. Swanson….bake something French during winter break. Of course we immediately decided that we would bake canele. I now have many, many recipes for this wonderful treat from the Bordeaux region of France, but particularly love the one found on the website,  I hope all of my readers will look at this recipe (ha! ha! will anyone besides me see this?), along with those on and All are really wonderful. So, as I wait for the contents of my iPhone to sync to my computer, I am sitting here very excited about my entry into the world of blogging and look forward to future connections with the group, Tuesdays With Dorie and other on-line cooks and bakers.



Isabel and her perfect caneles!

Isabel and her perfect caneles!


One Response to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. M. Swanson Says:

    It looks like we will have to have a new homework assignment: Bring in some caneles to share with the class. They look wonderful! J’aime bien ça!

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