A Great Day for Chili and Corn Muffins

January 11, 2009


Tuesdays With Dorie--Corn Muffins

Tuesdays With Dorie--Corn Muffins

I have had about 6 months experience consuming (literally) the contents of many, many baking and cooking blogs. I have been amazed to read what other passionate and creative bakers (and writers) have been doing without my having any awareness of their contributions. Now, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am gearing up to join their ranks. I have been motivated by wanting to join the Tuesdays With Dorie blogging group, but I have to admit I have larger aspirations of someday becoming a food writer. I am shocked to see these words in print…but there it is…you’ve seen it here first. 

Our TWD recipe for the week was an absolutely perfect choice for this day and season. Outside it is snowy, cold and windy…the ideal conditions for chili and corn bread.  Up until today, if you had asked me what recipes to use I would have answered without hesitation: Helen Evans Brown’s Corn Chili Bread recipe from Beard on Bread (1973).  For those of you familiar with this recipe, you know what I mean. Buttery, cheesy, spicy corn bread that is difficult to stop eating!!!. It is the perfect foil to a bowl of black bean chili (more on that in a minute). So, I was completely skeptical when I saw the recipe for this week. I couldn’t imagine that Dorie Greenspan would be able to top James Beard! I was wrong. My family and I love these muffins. In the recipe that I put together they had the perfect spice, crunch and sweetness. I did make a few changes to Dorie’s recipe. Rather than just use chili powder, I used half Dean and Deluca chili powder and half chipotle powder from Penzey’s. I was worried about the stone ground corn meal being too crunchy (the crunch is sometimes great and sometimes too much for my taste) so I used half stone ground and half regular ground corn meal. I also omitted the red pepper. Many years ago I read an article in the New York Times listing the 10 organic fruits and vegetables that could have the greatest health impact if never eaten in their conventional forms. In other words, which fruits and vegetables tend to hold in the greatest amounts of pesticides when sprayed and therefore could result in the greatest health risks if consumed. I have never forgotten some of the names on that list and it is extremely rare for me to purchase (or eat) conventional strawberries, peppers, spinach, or melons as a result. This is a longwinded explanation as to why I omitted the red peppers in the muffins. My local Whole Foods Market did not have any organic peppers, so I left them out (which I actually think was a fine choice). The muffins really are perfect and will now be a recipe I return to again and again. My family and I will enjoy them tonight with the black bean chili from Madison’s (1987) Greens Cookbook. Spicy, smokey, warming soup that can also be used as the filling for incredible cheese and bean tortillas on the day after you eat the chili, although I have to admit that there is rarely enough left over to allow that to happen. 


Isabel and Dorie's Chili-Corn Muffins

Isabel and Dorie's Chili-Corn Muffins


15 Responses to “A Great Day for Chili and Corn Muffins”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I looked longingly at my Penzey’s chipotle powder as I was making these. It’s great to know that it’s a good addition to this recipe. Welcome to TWD! I just joined in October and I’ve been having so much fun with it.

    • bakingtherapist Says:

      thanks, jessica. I tried to reply and it didn’t seem to work.
      Chipotle and these corn muffins are made for each other.
      Thanks for the welcome!

  2. pamela Says:

    Welcome to TWD! The muffins look great. I was thinking of adding some chipotle to my muffins, too. Unfortunately, it’ll have to wait until next time!

    • bakingtherapist Says:

      Thanks for the message, Pamela. what a welcoming group! I look forward to baking with all of you in the months/weeks to come!!!!

  3. Teanna Says:

    Those muffins look great!!! The chipolte sounds fantastic! Welcome to TWD!

  4. These muffins were so fabulous.

    I am making them again for supper tonight.

  5. Leslie Says:

    Yum! They look delish!

  6. juju73 Says:

    Welcome to TWD!

    Your muffins look like they were a hit! Nice job!

  7. carolina Says:

    welcome to the club! what a great start to your TWD’s posts. Enjoyed the reading. I also appreciate learning about another recipe! See ya next week.

  8. Ivette Says:

    I bet the chipotle gave it a nice boost of
    taste. Your muffins look really good!

  9. pinkstripes Says:

    Welcome to TWD! Your muffins look great. I’m glad you liked them.

  10. Marthe Says:

    Welcome to TWD! Your muffins look great and it looks like your daughter likes them too!

  11. Carla Says:

    Welcome to TwD! Having a blog is a perfect start to becoming a food writer. Your muffins look so wonderful. I’m sure Isabel will love you even more once you start completing more challenges lol

  12. Maris Says:

    I love corn muffins with chili. I used to make the simple jiffy ones, which are good but no comparison to fresh cornbread.

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