Sweet Melissa Tuesdays? Sundays With Dorie?

August 30, 2009

My intentions have been impeccable. I had the majority of the last week “off.” I should start by defining what that means. During a typical week, I work three jobs, not counting my time as a co-parent of two extremely engaged daughters. I had imagined that this last week of summer before school starts would be slow-paced, restful, and unstructured. Surely during this break I would be able to bake banana-apple bread, luscious lime cream meringue pie, and peach muffins. I even had plans to make a batch of M & M cookies for the neighboring twins in my free time. I expected time to read, run, take a few yoga classes, shop for school supplies and make sure my own teaching schedule was under control. However, as the week progressed nothing really went as I had hoped. My days were filled with children’s MD appointments, driving responsibilities and then more driving responsibilities. On Tuesday, I expected to pick up my daughter from her soccer scrimmage at 2. That would give me plenty of time to make the lime pie for Tuesdays With Dorie when I got home. I had already thrown together the crust (ground up Trader Joe’s ginger cookies, instead of graham cracker crumbs…PERFECT!). When I got there I learned that the team was actually at another field across town and likely wouldn’t be done for another hour. I dutifully drove there, but by the time I had retrieved my daughter and gotten home it was on to the next adventure…dance. I ultimately did complete the pie (I used the aforementioned ginger crust and a whipped cream topping instead of the meringue), but don’t believe that I completed it until 10pm that night….much too late to photograph or discuss my finished product on my blog. My banana-apple bread was derailed due to unripe bananas and the peach muffins (I had planned to try nectarine-basil) are still a dream due to unripened fruit, as well. I had to punt and make Melissa’s strawberry muffins instead (these are really some of my favorite muffins). I know there is a lesson in this week. Expect less of myself? Be “in the moment?” Stay up later and get up earlier? I am not sure. But I do know that if given the choice between surreptitiously hearing my daughter discuss the politics of being on the varsity soccer team with her new soccer friends or quietly having the day to myself to insure that my baking schedule is completed on time, I’ll choose the role of chauffeur every time. Stay tuned…my Tuesday brownies are cooling on the counter as I write and I have high hopes of them being completed and photographed before my Tuesday deadline. We’ll see.

Melissa's "Peach" Muffins...Made With Strawberries

Melissa's "Peach" Muffins...Made With Strawberries


4 Responses to “Sweet Melissa Tuesdays? Sundays With Dorie?”

  1. Michelle Says:

    AHhh sounds somewhat like my life! Im glad you were able to bake with us this week. Your idea of using strawberries is great! They look really good! I loved your soccer story..I have many like that!

  2. Nina Says:

    sounds like my mom’s typical day. I guess she’s glad to have one person outta the house so that she can just have one person to take all those places to. =]

  3. Margot Says:

    Wow, sounds like a busy schedule (how do you ever bake the weeks you’re not off?), glad you were able to fit this one in. The strawberry muffins look yummy!

  4. Jeannette Says:

    hectic, hectic!! at least you have a great story to tell!

    i don’t want to see your schedule once you are working!!

    beautiful muffins, regardless!

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