Dreams of Cookies from the Past

December 8, 2009

While I love experiencing aspects of life for the first time, I often find myself wanting to re-live joy-filled moments from the past. I will often seek out walks along the water to remind me of the joy I felt walking along the coast on the Isle of Skye and will re-tell the story of baby Isabel calling her sister “Do-Do” as a way to keep that moment close to my heart. I find that food will serve a similar purpose. I love cheese. While going to my favorite cheese store, I am searching not just for a good Cheddar or Beaufort, but an opportunity to reminisce about past trips to England or France.

This week, after making Dorie’s Sable, I found myself taking a wonderful trip down memory lane. Many years ago as I was discovering all things French, I happened upon a lovely little bakery in my town…Napoleon’s. This bakery had incredible croissants, shortbread (Sable), and Buche de Noel. I would go there as often as possible, and inevitably buy the sable, thick hunks of buttery shortbread enrobed in crunchy sugar. I have been on the hunt for a recipe that would bring me back to those days of eating Napoleon’s sables…days in graduate school, beginning to bake for myself, and dreams of future travels to France. This week, after making Dorie’s sables, I was able to finally connect with those memories. I LOVE these cookies. Whenever I want to remind myself of what it was like to be 25, I will bake a batch of Dorie’s cookies, smile about my life then, and smile more as I think of all I have now. Thank-you, Dorie!


2 Responses to “Dreams of Cookies from the Past”

  1. Susan Says:

    What a wonderful post. So glad these cookies brought back such warm and happy memories for you.

  2. Thank you for baking along with me this week!

    I’m so glad these brought back great memories!

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