It’s All About the Cookies!

December 22, 2009

Around Thanksgiving, when I saw that an upcoming TWD recipe would be pecan pie…I was thrilled. I  had thought that I would bake a pecan pie in November for our family celebration and would be ahead of the game when December 22nd rolled around. As it turned out, my family was adamant that I had to bake an apple pie and a pumpkin pie and I didn’t have the time or zip to add a third pie to the menu. So, that left me this week with the dilemma of baking a pie or not taking part in this week’s baking. Since I have felt as if I have been on the sidelines of TWD baking I really wanted to participate, but the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is really dedicated to…baking cookies. Up until today, I have made 23 kinds of cookies and I have several more to go before I pack them  up and give them to neighbors and friends as gifts on Christmas Eve. I didn’t see how a pecan pie was going to fit into my tight baking schedule. Then, I figured it out…Make the pie into cookies. One of my grandmother’s favorite cookies was a small pecan tart that she called “tea-time tassies.” I decided to take Dorie’s recipe and adapt it for Christmas cookie giving. I used a tassie dough from Tish Boyle’s cookie book (I wish I had used my grandmother’s cream cheese dough instead) and then made 1/3 of Dorie’s filling recipe for my tarts. The results were incredible. I loved the addition of coffee, cinnamon, and chocolate to the traditional cookie. With the small addition of the cream cheese dough, I think these will be part of my future Christmas cookie repertoire.


5 Responses to “It’s All About the Cookies!”

  1. jane S Says:

    they look beautiful!! way to go . you are amazing

  2. tia Says:

    mine too – great idea!!!

  3. Lillian Says:

    Those look marvelous. I must try that, right this instant. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Julius Says:

    Looks great!
    Have a wonderful new year ahead!

    from Occasional Baker

  5. mgdsue Says:

    Love the idea of “pecan pie cookies”. Too cute!

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