I continue to be in the process of recovery from an illness that has gone on for exactly three months today. Despite the ups and downs of my health, I have full days, lots of plans and try to keep to a schedule. My schedule today, among other things, gave me a full hour to reflect on the joys of Dorie’s Burnt Sugar Ice Cream. I imagined a beautiful post with photos, long stories about what ice cream has meant to me in my past, favorite local ice cream shops, and my family’s reactions to this recipe. Well, I just received a call from my oldest daughter, poor weather has cut short her school event, and I need to leave in five minutes to pick her up. Oh well, so much for any sense of structure or control in my life. And…so much for writing a prize-winning piece about Burnt Sugar Ice Cream.

That means I only have five minutes to wax poetic about all of the wonders of this week’s TWD selection. I LOVE making ice cream. I had a Donvier ice cream maker when they were REALLY wonky, an ice cream maker that required the addition of salt prior to that, and now a really excellent Cuisinart model that I believe was recommended by Dorie, herself, in an article in Bon Appetit. I have made fruit ice creams, sorbets, goat cheese ice cream, olive oil ice cream and still am considering Roquefort Ice Cream from David Lebovitz’s book. I have to say that the Burnt Sugar Ice Cream will remain on the very top of my list of favorites. The way I made it was salty-sweet (I added a bit more fleur de sel than was called for), so very, very creamy (why did that happen?), and just perfectly satisfying. This is a recipe I will go back to again and again. And, I hope the joy of this ice cream will once again remind me that ice cream is NOT difficult to make and worth every moment of anticipation.